Most of fulldome screens uses a multi-projector system. Each projector will play one videofile sliced from the “domemaster” sequence.

Usually, the domemaster is sliced with a dedicated tool that takes a sequence of picture files as input, and outputs several video files, depending on the number of projectors.

I am now distributing some fulldome clips encoded with the h265/HEVC codec. That’s actually the only way to keep a good quality for a 4k x 4k (or more) video file.

If you download an UltraHD clip from and need to convert it back to a series of pictures (pict0001.png , pict0002.png, pict0003.png,…) , your best tool choice is certainly TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6 from Pegasys inc.

Load your video file into TMPGEnc VMW then go to the Format tab and select the “Sequential Still Picture File Output module”


Now, select the options you need from this export module, like the file format, the picture size, the file numbering digits. Be careful with the framerate set for your clip in the Edit section and the framerate you’ll set here on the output module, because TMPGEnc VMW will convert the framerate from the source file to the target sequence !

Let’s say your input file is a mp4 video @ 25fps. If you set the output @ 30fps you will get more still pictures than the number of pictures in the source file.


TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works is not free, but 122$ for this super powered convertor (and more!) is really a good deal.

But, if you own a compositing software like After Effects CC2015, you’ll be able to convert h265 video files to still picture sequences too. Nevertheless, TMPGEnc VMW is fast, really fast !