Hi ! My name is Carlos Matias and I’m the owner of this website.
I have been doing CGI for a very long time, but making video ads for your next cookware is not as exciting as making fulldome animations. (check my portfolio site)

My first job on fulldome production was made on the french movie “Jelo, rêve de soleil” as executive producer.

Since then, I’ve had many regrets of not being involved into another fulldome big production again… mostly due to the fact that my day-to-day job took me away from it.

I’m also the owner of the french blog about motion design : zeroabsolu.info , and 65bits.com about tools for everyday computerized workers.

Now my love for huge screens and moving picture is asking me to get back to the fulldome motion creation!

And I must say that I’m glad to be part again of the fulldome world.

My main objective with the fulldomeart project is to bring some magical illumination to your screens (and of course, bringing some money home because sleeping under the bridges is not really my personal style).

If you make a purchase from fulldomeart, you will see the name Zeroabsolu as the dealer company on the Paypal receipt, which is the name of my freelance company located in France.

If you need more information, fell free to contact me by email : sales[at]fulldomeart.com